At heart, we are a startup studio.

What is a startup studio?
We are a startup studio  focused on creating products that people need. We rapidly identify problems, test prototypes and leverage our collective experience to build elegant, digital solutions that change the way businesses operate.

When not working with our awesome clients, you’ll find us tinkering with our own products & ideas in the startup studio at 3mbassy.
The Startup Studio Advantage
Team First, Product Second
Focus first on making sure the right talent is in place, then decide what problem to solve
Team Communication
Products crafted by a multi-disciplinary team that collaborates every day
Prove There is a Market
Testing ideas, identifying customers & confirming market demand
Consistently Refining
Process in place to quickly refine & improve solutions based on user feedback
Revenue Ready Businesses
Quickly deploy prototypes and execute to create scalable, revenue-ready businesses
Realistic Milestones
Team with expertise in taking startup products from idea to market can set realistic milestones
For Us
We’re big fans of focused, B2B digital solutions with a clear path to revenue that  change the way businesses operate. Most of our time is spent in this sector.
For Others
We love B2B products, but we are open to some projects in the B2C space when the founding team has significant domain expertise & connections.
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